How To Buy Restaurant Supplies

Chefs use food as their paint and create mouth-watering delicacies using the cookware for their palate that is designed for the succulent dish they are preparing. Their culinary design is then placed on the canvas, which is the plate that displays the finished masterpiece.

Selecting kitchen tools for a restaurant is not as hard as you think. Start at the very beginning and think of this buying expedition like a recipe. You have to keep in mind what type of foods you will be preparing for the public.

kitchen equipment

Standard Equipment for the Kitchen

* Measuring cups made of glass, plastic or silicone.
* Two or three sets of plastic or tin measuring spoons.
* Stainless steel mixing bowls in assorted sizes.
* Plastic long and short handled spoons for mixing.
* The long handled slender whisk and the short handled wider whisk.
* Two blenders, a hand mixer and a stationary mixer with interchangeable mixing wands and various sizes of bowls.
* Large and small China Cap Strainer. Theses look like large mesh-covered cones.
* Small and large colanders for draining the liquid from hot and cold foods.
* Cutting blocks made of hard plastic and wood.
* Knives for chopping, peeling, separating meat

How to Select Pots and Pans

Choosing the restaurant equipment you are going to use is also a personal preference decision. Take your time and ask yourself a few questions.

* Does your menu have a variety of delicate sauces?

* What about the tomato and other sauces that would stain the pan?

* Is the menu featuring seared meats or fish?

Vegans eat onions, tomatoes, spinach, kale and other vegetables that would leave the residual flavor in the pan and transfer it to other foods.

Meal Preparation

* Aluminum Pans are good for conducting heat, and the bottoms warp over time.

* Stainless Steel heats and cooks the food evenly. This is the cookware that maintains its shape and doesn’t warp. The previous flavor from the food is not transferred to different food placed in the same pan after its washed.

* Cast Iron Cookware can sear or blacken meats or just the edges to the chefs discretion. Don’t forget they make beautiful Flap Jacks. Pancakes and the pans can be placed in the oven.

* Copper Pans are very expensive and worth every penny and last a lifetime. The pans are lined with tin or stainless steel. The Copper cookware is the best conductor of heat, does not warp and the handles are welded onto the pans.
You should select the right restaurant equipment for your place of business and make your cooking experience as quick and comfortable as possible.